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About Logiquiz

Logiquiz, also know as Self-Referential Quiz or Puzzle, is a type of quiz where the questions refer to the quiz itself or other questions within the same quiz. The answers often depend on the content or structure of the quiz, making it a meta-puzzle.

In a Logiquiz, the questions may ask about the number of certain types of answers in the quiz, the sequence of answers, or other attributes related to the quiz's own structure. For example, a question might ask, "How many questions on this quiz have the answer 'A'?" To answer correctly, you'd need to look at the quiz as a whole, often requiring you to solve multiple questions simultaneously. Solving the quiz usually involves logic and deductive reasoning, as you have to consider the implications of each answer on the rest of the quiz. These quizzes can vary in complexity, from simple puzzles to challenging logic problems.